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Travel peace of mind

"This is a great travel App! I used it before and during a recent trip within the US, and in planning a trip to Europe this summer. It stores my insurance and vaccination cards and keeps me updated on covid restrictions and other health updates. My daughter is installing it for her travel this summer. (Less worries for me!)" – Keebo, Verified Apple App Store Review

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You wouldn't fly without a seatbelt, why would you travel without safetravelRX? 

The only app you need for safe travel.


How safetravelRX helps you to always travel safely.


Gives you instant help at your fingertips for any emergency

so you can travel safely. 


Provides 24-hour support prior to, and during your trip to give you all the information you need to stay safe, informed, and worry-free.  


Securely stores all your important information, connects you to the nearest doctor or pharmacy, finds a hospital where they speak your language, puts you in touch with a first responder, and gives you up-to-date safety alerts on your destination.

Safe Travel Features

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Get Travel Ready

Securely store all of your important information such as doctors, hospital portals, as well as travel documents.

Medical Info

Store and access all of your important medical info including blood type, medications, allergies, prescriptions and more.

Emergency Call Button

Puts you in touch with first responders and automatically alerts your emergency contacts.

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Take worry off your itinerary

Let safetravelRX be your best  travel companion


SafetravelRX is a free app with an option to upgrade to $4.99 per month (cancellable at any time).  As a paid subscriber, the user is able to access advanced features of the app, including:

  • 24-hour access to alerts

  • Personalized push notifications based on your itinerary that include security information, weather updates, and transportation delays.

  • Users can control the level of alert data notifications from low to high.

 Data privacy details and Terms of Use can be found below.

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