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We'll show you all the innovative safety and medical features of our app that help you to travel safely. 




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Business travelers –

see your travel admin for a code.

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Securely stores emergency contacts, medical info, and health insurance data so you can travel safely.

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One App

One App. 
Multiple Benefits.


Takes worry off your itinerary

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Keeps me up-to-date on risks

"I’ve been using this app while in Australia. It lets me know whenever COVID-19 restrictions are made in the area I am in. It also notifies me of any other dangers like if there are mosquitoes with West Nile Virus nearby. It’s a great app to keep you informed so you are always prepared. I also find I’m the first to tell others because the app can notify you as soon as information becomes available. You also are able to store your upcoming trip information so that it knows to check other areas of the world you need to monitor." – mark 2379, verified Apple App Store Review

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Travel with Confidence


Geo-911 Aware

When seconds count! safetravelRX recognizes where you are through GPS and allows you to contact the proper foreign or domestic emergency number. Your important information stored on your phone is sent to the emergency facility for a life-saving medical response.


Safely Stores All your Important Documents

No more scrambling to find your insurance cards, prescriptions, physicians contact information, or important travel documents. It is all securely stored for easy access when you need it.


Pharmacies and Medical Centers

Global travel insurance provider finds the nearest pharmacies and medical centers where they speak your native language, along with other relevant information such as phone number, hours of operation,

and directions.

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