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Dr. Steve Diamond and his wife, Barbara, love to travel to remote places around the world.  After Steve was released from the hospital about a week before a planned trip to India, they needed to decide whether they should still go on their trip. Steve's doctor told him that he could relapse, end up in the hospital again, and need medications while in India.  Being a physician, Steve realized that it could be very risky. But, he also knew that if he could find out in advance where to go for medical care and pharmaceutical help, he could perhaps make the trip.


After researching, he found that finding out where to go was only the first part of the problem. The medication names were different and you needed a local doctor to write a prescription. The pharmacy could be in a private house, a store, a clinic, or a hospital. If Steve went to a hospital, how would he get them his previous medical history? Could the doctors and nurses speak English? Where were they trained to practice medicine? What if he needed an emergency responder? How would he get one?

Barbara and Steve went to India as planned, and luckily, they had a wonderful and uneventful trip. However, that was because Steve was prepared, and he had peace of mind because he had done the research.  This experience became the foundation of the safetravelRX concept.  Steve started thinking about how he could bring this type of knowledge to mitigate personal and medical risk to other travelers who may not have the experience to navigate foreign emergency and medical systems.



Enter Ron DiLeo.

After sharing the idea with Ron DiLeo, a veteran travel industry expert, the two men decided they had a start-up concept that could change the way people could safely travel. In fact, it could take the worry off the traveler's itinerary completely. They developed their own patented technology that securely stores all relevant medical and insurance information and uses GPS to determine the traveler's location if they needed an emergency responder.  They brought in the best partners so they could add additional service features provided by global insurance providers for essential real-time information and WorldAware to provide up-to-date Travel Risk Management services.


​As the app developed, they added features that could serve various markets: business travelers, adventure seekers in remote locations, seniors who have health concerns, and students living in foreign countries (reassuring parents that their children are safe).  In fact, this app is the best safe traveling companion for anyone taking a trip domestically or abroad. 


Most business ideas come about as a result of an unmet need in the market. 

SafetravelRX is no different. 

About Us


Business travelers –

see your travel admin for a code.

SafetravelRX provides all the necessary services so you can take the worry off of your itinerary and travel safely.

ron dileo

Co-Founder and
CEO of safetravelRX


More than 40 years of executive experience in the travel industry:

  • Chief Executive of American Express Travel EMEA

  • Chief Commercial Officer of British Airways OpenSkies subsidiary

  • Executive Director of The Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE)

  • Chief Executive Officer of AirPlus International North America

  • Chief Operating Officer of Rosenbluth International

  • Chief Commercial Officer of ALTOUR International

  • Founder and CEO of The In the Black Group

Advisory Board member of Travel and Leisure Magazine

Member-at-large on several travel industry commercial boards

Actively supports various travel industry angel investor groups in the U.S. and Europe


Co-Founder and
COO of safetravelRX

steve diamond safetravel co-founder.jpg

More than 50 years of experience as a physician:

  • Board Certified AP and CP Pathologist 

  • Board Certified Hematopathologist

  • Medical Examiner and Forensic Pathologist, New Jersey

  • Fellow of the College of American Pathology

  • Fellow of the National Association of Medical Examiners

MBA, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania

COO of International Space Medicine Consortium

Associate Director of Miller-Keystone Blood Center

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