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SafetravelRX keeps you safe and secure no matter where you're traveling!

Traveling the world today can be stressful, but with safetravelRX, you can take “worry” off your itinerary!

safetravelRX is an app for both IOS and Android that keeps you safe and secure no matter where you are traveling. It connects you with emergency responders and vetted doctors or hospitals anywhere in the world. It keeps track of your medical details, prescriptions, physicians, emergency contacts and securely stores all your important documents such as passports, insurance details, vaccination records, and more. For both domestic and international travel, safetravelRX keeps you up to date with detailed destination information, such as customs, currencies, immigration requirements, events, weather updates, security risks and COVID status. It is a one-stop-shop for anything travel! Whether you’re a single woman, student, businessperson or a senior traveling with medical requirements … traveling somewhere exotic or relaxing at the beach … safetravelRX is THE premier travel knowledge, safety and risk management provider. Get started today! — Go to your app store of choice and download the safetravelRX app or visit for more information.


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