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Traveling Across Europe by Train

Traveling Europe by train is an incredibly fun way to explore the continent with grand sites to see, hidden places to discover and Europe's most amazing cities to explore!

What are the advantages of traveling by train

  • You Arrive in the Center of Town — Stations are located right in the middle of town so there's no need to spend time and money traveling to an airport.

  • There are no luggage limits or fees — Make sure you're able to lift your luggage onto the train!

  • Trains are reliable and on time — Unlike airlines, trains run on schedule over 90% of the time.

  • Trains are comfortable — Seats are usually larger than airlines and you're free to move about the train.

  • You can be flexible and spontaneous with your schedule — You can go to any train station, buy a ticket, and journey on.

  • It's a great way to see the beautiful countryside.

  • You can bring your pets — No extra fees and they can travel by your side.

  • There is a restaurant on board — No need to wait for somene to bring your food to you, just head to the dining car.

  • Trains are better for the environment! — Track the impact you're making with the EcoPassenger calculator.

What is the best way to travel for non-European citizens or residents?

The Eurail

  • You can choose from two types of passes: A One Country Pass – Covers train travel in a single country in Europe or a Global Pass which offers unlimited train travel across 33 countries in Europe.

  • You can use your days however you like.

  • Choose how many travel days you'd like for your trip when you buy your pass – A travel day is any day you use your pass to travel.

  • There is 24 hours of unlimited travel – On each of your travel days, you can take as many trains in the network as you like, from midnight to midnight. Travel to 33 Countries It's a great way to travel for all ages Discounts:

  • Children ages 11 and under travel for FREE

  • Under the age of 27 apply for the Eurail youth ticket.

  • Travelers that are 60 years and over get a 10% discount Safety Tips • Be vigilant at stations, especially at night.

  • Keep your eye on your bags and stow away all valuables.

  • Lock your luggage and secure to your seat

  • Plan your journey worry-free with safetravelRX. Download the safetravelRX app and take worry off your itinerary!

• Provides instant help for any emergency while traveling away from home. www.safetravelrx safetravelRX

• Securely stores all your important information, including insurance cards, vaccination certificates, and passports

• Gives you up-to-date safety alerts on your destination

• Connects you to the nearest doctor or pharmacy

• Finds a hospital where they speak your language

• Puts you in touch with a first responder www.safetravelRX


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