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2022 Safe Travel Tips from safetravelRX

SafetravelRX highlights valuable safety tips for traveling in 2022 and beyond. Learn how you can take worry off your itinerary and make your trip the best it can be with these tips. Download the safetravelRX app today for instant help and 24-hour support at your fingertips for destination alerts.

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2022 safe travel tips from safetravelRX

Do Your Research

  • Know your destination in depth before you arrive.

  • Continue to get up to the minute safety alerts about your destination prior to and during your travels.

Be sure to have Important documents

  • Make copies of important documents.

  • Securely store important documents digitally for easy access.

Check in Regularly

  • Send your itinerary to a few trusted people who can keep tabs on your whereabouts.

  • Check in as regularly as possible so they know you’re where you’re supposed to be.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

  • Like forgetting your medication? Or having a medical emergency?

  • SafetravelRX. Download the app that gives you instant help at your fingertips for any emergency while traveling away from home.


  • Gives you up-to-date safety alerts on your destination

  • Securely stores all your important information

  • Connects you to the nearest doctor or pharmacy

  • Finds a hospital where they speak your language

  • Puts you in touch with a first responder

Download the app before your next trip and take worry off your itinerary.

Happy travels for 2022 and beyond!


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