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Adventure Travelers: Five National Parks That Should Be on Your Bucket List

In last week's blog, we focused on how to plan for a successful and safe adventure trip.

But suppose you don't want to go halfway around the world to experience some excitement. In that case, plenty of places closer to home could boost your adrenaline, like our national parks. When most people think of national parks, they likely picture well-known destinations like Yosemite or Yellowstone. However, the United States is home to 63 national parks; many are lesser-known but just as worthy of a visit. Some of these lesser-known parks offer unique experiences and adventures perfect for travelers seeking something different. Here are five destinations from safetravelRX that should be on any adventure traveler’s bucket list.

Isle Royale National Park

Located in the northernmost part of Michigan, Isle Royale is a wilderness paradise accessible only by boat or seaplane. The park is home to wolves, moose, and various other wildlife, and visitors can explore over 400 islands, pristine lakes, and a rugged coastline. With more than 165 miles of hiking trails, Isle Royale is a hiker's paradise, and there are also opportunities for kayaking, fishing, and wildlife watching.

Congaree National Park

In South Carolina, Congaree is home to the largest intact expanse of old-growth bottomland hardwood forest in the southeastern United States. The park is excellent for canoeing, kayaking, or fishing on the Congaree River. Over 25 miles of hiking trails also wind through the forest, and visitors can spot various wildlife, including deer, otters, and even bobcats.

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

Located in western Colorado, Black Canyon is a dramatic landscape of sheer cliffs, narrow canyons, and the roaring Gunnison River. The park is known for its challenging hiking and rock-climbing routes, as well as its stunning views. Visitors can hike to the bottom of the canyon, raft the river, or take in the awe-inspiring scenery from one of the park's many overlooks.

North Cascades National Park

In Washington state, North Cascades is a rugged wilderness area home to some of the most remote and untouched wilderness in the lower 48 states. The park is home to over 300 glaciers, more than 300 lakes, and countless mountain peaks, making it a paradise for hikers, climbers, and backpackers. Visitors can also explore the park's backcountry by canoe or kayak on one of the many lakes and rivers.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Located in west Texas, Guadalupe Mountains National Park is a rugged desert landscape home to the highest peak in Texas, Guadalupe Peak. The park is a hiker's paradise, with over 80 miles of trails that wind through canyons, across desert terrain, and up to mountain peaks. Visitors can also explore the park's underground caves, home to unique formations and rare wildlife.

In conclusion, while the well-known national parks are certainly worth a visit, adventure travelers should consider exploring some of the parks off the beaten path that offer unique experiences and opportunities for adventure. Whether you're seeking rugged wilderness, remote backcountry, or challenging hiking and climbing routes, these five parks offer something for everyone.

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