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Essential Packing Tips for Remote Destinations

We have written a lot about bucket list trips in previous blogs, but we haven't told you how to pack for it – yet. Let's be honest, unless you have a personal valet, you don't want to carry two or three heavy bags, especially if you are going somewhere remote. Better to pack a carry-on so you can keep your luggage safely in the overhead compartment where it won't get lost. It's also easier on your back and way less cumbersome. But if you are going away for over a week, how can you possibly pack all your essentials in a carry-on? Believe it or not, you can get two weeks of outfits in a smaller suitcase if you're organized and plan it out carefully. SafetravelRX, an app designed to keep you safe and healthy while you travel, has some tips.

Tip One

Determine what you will need for the amount of time you will be gone. You don't need a new outfit every day as long as you pack some staples that you can mix and match. Think jeans or black pants, which can be dressed up or down. Layers work to change things up as well, such as a scarf, wrap, or blazer. Put everything you plan on bringing in one place, preferably a table or bed, and make sure nothing else is there. Once you look at all your items together, you can determine if you have everything you need or too much. Think about it realistically. You have that new jacket that you love, but it only works with a specific pair of shoes that don't go with anything else. Skip it and bring something more versatile instead. You can always wear that jacket when you get back.

Tip Two

Packing cubes are a must if you want to stay organized. The worst part about going to multiple destinations in one trip is the constant packing and unpacking. If you have ever rooted around in your bag looking for that one item (probably packed at the bottom), you know what we mean. Cubes make it easier to organize things by activity, outfit, item type, or frequency of use. And they also allow you to fit more stuff in your bag. You should get the cubes in different colors to make it easier to find what you need. Once you determine how to organize your items, you can begin the process. One of the best ways to fit more items in your bag and prevent them from getting too wrinkled is to roll them. Try bringing things less likely to wrinkle, like merino wool, denim, cashmere, permanent press, or polyester. Also, consider packing a lightweight expandable nylon bag that you can use if you bring things back that can't fit in your luggage and decide to check a bag on the way home. After all, this is your bucket list trip, so you're bound to want some mementos!

Tip Three

When packing shoes, you should try to pack no more than two pairs as you will also have the pair you are wearing. Try to pack one comfortable pair for walking or hiking and then something that can be worn when you go out at night. If you choose shoes in a neutral color, you can mix and match them for different occasions. When packing toiletries, try to get the smallest versions of everything you can. Samples from cosmetic stores like Sephora work great for lotions. Remember, you can only bring liquids under 3.4 ounces. Put all your liquids in a clear Ziploc bag or a case with a clear plastic window so they can be easily seen by TSA or removed from your bag if necessary.

Tip Four

Now you're ready to put everything in your luggage. Pack your shoes at the bottom of the bag, and you can even put loose items like cords, socks, etc., inside of them if you don't need on the flight. That will save you a bit of space. Once you have your shoes in, layer your clothing cubes on top and, finally, your toiletry bag. Keep all your tech in your purse or backpack along with other items you will need handy, such as passport, wallet, ID, travel documents, etc.

You can also securely store copies of all your essential documents, including health insurance cards, itineraries, IDs etc., in the safetravelRX app.


Organized traveling can allow you to stress less and enjoy more. The tasks most people dread the most about trips are packing and unpacking. But if you do it right and bring less, you can focus on your destination, not back pain or dealing with a lost bag. And if you do forget something you always have an excuse to buy yourself a present.

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The safetravelRX app is available to download on your mobile at the Apple Store and Google Play.

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