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Five Unforgettable Gifts of Travel for Mom or Dad

Still trying to figure out what to get your mom or dad for Mother’s and Father’s Day? What about giving them the gift of truly getting away from it all? SafetravelRX has pulled together five ideas (with help from Travel and Leisure and Travel Pulse) for destinations that are rolling out the red carpet for moms and dads this year. And who deserves it more than your parents!

If you have ever been to a Miraval Resort or know someone who has, you will know why this is on the list. Specifically designed to help even the most stressed-out mom or dad relax and pamper themselves in every way possible. With three transcendent locations to choose from in Arizona, Austin, and the Berkshires, you are bound to find the perfect spot for mom and dad to unwind!

Have mom or dad ever expressed an interest in a Chakra Balancing Ritual or a native Huichoi Indian Blessing? If so, you’re in luck because the Four Seasons in Punta Mita, Mexico has all that and more. Horseback riding or yoga on the beach? Got that covered! But if Mom or Dad just want to sit by the pool instead, that’s okay too because the resort has four to choose from!

So, if mom and dad want to relax but they don’t want to leave the family behind, this may be the package for them. This special offer includes something for everyone such as signature cocktails for the parents, sand buckets for the kids, complimentary upgrade (based on availability at check-in). Of course, they also have a “romance package” if mom and dad change their mind and decide to leave everyone else at home!

So, this recommendation came from the recent Travel and Leisure survey. This reader favorite was at the top of the list for many reasons. With a well-known culinary program and Japanese-inspired décor, this spa in the Hamptons also has a wide variety of rejuvenation options. From saunas and plunge pools to ice fountains and sound therapy to yoga and hypnotherapy, they have something that’s bound to appeal to anyone seeking a relaxing wellness retreat.

If you really want to splurge and be mom or dad’s favorite, then this is the one to book. Located on the beautiful island of Santorini, this has to be one of the most spectacular locations on the planet. From the quintessential, white-washed buildings to the infinity pool overlooking the caldera, to the stunning views from the balconies of every room, this is a trip that won’t soon be forgotten. And did we mention they have a Michelin-starred restaurant too?

So, there you have it. Five ideas to help you show mom or dad just how much you appreciate everything they do for you. Although these are definitely all splurges, they will be worth every penny. And just to make sure that mom or dad are safe while they’re traveling, get them one more gift; the safetravelRX app. The app’s features include real-time travel updates and alerts, secure storage for important documents, locations of vetted pharmacies or physicians, a 911 equivalent button no matter the location and much more. They can even get location intelligence feature where they can get information about the culture, weather, events, etc. This will ensure they have a safe, healthy, and happy trip and take the worry off their itinerary!

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