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Is Domestic Travel a Smarter Alternative to an International Trip?

Another family trip overseas got sidetracked because of a COVID outbreak and inflation. Unfortunately, unexpected circumstances can quickly derail travel plans. However, that doesn’t mean you have to abandon travel completely. You may just have to pivot and go with a domestic itinerary instead. Safetravelrx provides some insights into how a trip closer to home might be the ideal alternative.

Expenses Domestically versus Abroad

When COVID restrictions began relaxing, Americans were anxious to get back out there and start exploring. While recognizing the many spectacular locations to visit right here in the U.S., they also found they could do it more safely and cost effectively especially if they avoided air travel. Driving and even traveling by train saw a resurgence as a cost-friendlier option eliminating the hassle of airports while enabling the advantages of taking in some incredible scenery.

Environmental Advantages

It’s also common for travelers to choose more sustainable options. Planes and mega cruise ships are significant contributors to climate change, which means domestic travel can be more eco-friendly with the right choices. And even though many travelers are still taking river cruises, those tend to be less environmentally damaging because the ships are smaller and only carry a limited number of passengers per voyage allowing for fewer engines and lower carbon emissions. In addition, many global locations are becoming overcrowded with tourists creating congestion and more pollution. That said whether traveling domestically or internationally, some basic research can enable you to find sustainable accommodations and transportation options that are more environmentally friendly.


Domestic travel is also more convenient, with no need to worry about passports, visas, language, or cultural barriers. You also save time when you are not taking long flights. And though the exotic nature of visiting unique international destinations can make it worth the inconvenience, sometimes you just want to be somewhere where you’re aware of expectations, whether that involves knowing how to dress, the rules of the road, or cultural norms.


So, while global travel has much to offer, there are many incredible places to visit within the U.S. In fact, before COVID, almost 80 million tourists traveled to the United States yearly from other countries. And whether you choose to experience the energy of the Big Apple, culturally unique cities like New Orleans and Santa Fe, or the majesty of national parks like The Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Yellowstone, there are destinations in your own backyard that shouldn't be missed. Domestic travel can save time, eliminate inconveniences and in some cases even save you money while reducing your environmental impact.

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