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Ten Tips for Solo Women Travelers

Traveling as a single woman can be liberating and refreshing but also a bit stressful. After all, you are going solo, so whatever happens, you need to be prepared to handle it on your own. That said, it doesn’t mean that should prevent you from realizing your dreams. It just means that some careful planning will go a long way. SafetravelRX has ten essential tips that will keep you safe and stress-free while on the road.

1. Print copies of important documents. Carry copies of your passport, credit cards, and any other important documents like visas while you travel if they are lost or stolen. Keep another copy on Dropbox or Google Drive to ensure that you can access it from a computer and email documents to your parents or loved ones as well.

2. Portable Alarm. Buy a portable alarm door stop that prevents the door from being easily opened and sounds an alarm when too much pressure is put on it (such as when someone is trying to force the door).

3. Avoid one too many cocktails. You're on vacation, so have fun but don't drink so much that you put yourself in a vulnerable position or can’t make rational decisions.

4. Trust your instincts. If someone approaches you and it doesn't feel right, get yourself out of the situation as soon as possible. Don’t worry about being rude if your safety is dependent on it.

5. Use Uber or Lyft. You’re safer with a reputable ride service rather than a taxi because their drivers go through background checks. You can identify them by their photo, read their reviews, and know that the car is tracked.

If you accept a ride in an Uber or Lyft and something happens, your relatives or friends can at least track that car, person, and license plate in the app. It doesn't mean that it’s foolproof, so always be vigilant.

6. Do your homework. Learn about the culture and know what’s considered acceptable and what isn't. Just because it's perfectly normal to wear shorts and a tank top at home, it doesn't mean that you can wear the same thing every place you travel. Respect the cultural norms of the areas you visit, and you are much more likely to have positive local interactions.

7. Keep your bag close at all times. If you are taking an Uber or Lyft, keep your bags in the back seat with you. If things start to feel strange, you can always jump out when at a stoplight and take your bags with you. It is also a good reason to pack light. Don’t bring more than you absolutely need.

8. Know when to splurge. If you are traveling on a budget, you may be tempted to stay at the cheapest place regardless of the location, but it’s not worth it. There are still cost-effective and safe options. For example, hostels that cater to single women travelers. However, if there aren’t any cheaper and risk-free options available, spend the money and stay in a reputable hotel. You can save money in some other way.

9. Buy a personal safety alarm. Consider carrying an emergency alarm in your purse or pocket. When activated, it makes an ear-piercing sound that will discourage any predator and can sound continuously for up to 50 minutes.

10. Download a safety app. The safetravelRX app available on IOS or Android can be your best travel companion. With just a button, you can activate the 911 equivalent in any country. You can also find vetted doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies, securely store important documents and get emergency location alerts and other pertinent information about your destination.


Traveling can be one of the most rewarding experiences, and it doesn’t require traveling with another person for it to be amazing. However, if you do travel alone, be smart about it. In addition to the tips above, conduct your research before visiting a country. And decide where to stay and what to do based on authoritative sources of information. Many travel blogs are dedicated to single women travelers, which can be incredible resources. Doing your homework in advance can save you a lot of problems down the road. So, be careful but don’t let that stop you from exploring the world!

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