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Twelve Ways to Survive a Long Economy Class Flight

Mother and Daughter Traveling in Economy on an International Flight
Mother and Daughter on an International Flight

Long flights can wreak havoc on your body, especially when you’re older. Let’s be honest; it’s more comfortable to travel by bus than in economy class these days. And then there are the food options or lack thereof. Eating healthy on a flight is an oxymoron. So, with seats that are too small, food lacking in nutrition, and no room to move around, it’s pretty difficult to get off an overnight flight feeling relaxed and refreshed. The only way to debark from an economy class seat with your sanity in check is to take things into your own hands. That’s why safetravelRX has some tips on how to make your journey a little less arduous.

1. Side-sleeper Neck Pillow: Many people skip the pillow because it’s just one more thing to carry, but the inflatable options are easy to pack, and they will make sleep much more probable without neck pain afterward. For side-sleepers, this apostrophe-shaped travel pillow has a strap that's slung around your back (or tethered to your seat back), and it nestles between your head and shoulder.

2. Noise-Canceling Headphones: These are a must, especially if you get stuck next to someone that loves to hear themselves talk (usually about nothing).

3. Compression Socks: While they may not be the height of style, they do help improve circulation and prevent swelling during long periods of sitting. Just try to avoid wearing them with shorts.

4. In-Flight Footrest: When you have hand-carried baggage tucked under the seat in front of you, it can be tough to find a comfortable spot for your legs. A portable footrest is perfect for long flights in economy as the hammock-like device loops over the tray table, so you can rest your feet on an elevated surface.

5. Foldable Water Bottle: Flying dehydrates you, and so does asking for a glass of water from the flight attendant every hour. So, pack your own water bottle, fill up before you get on the plane, and avoid being at the mercy of the flight crew to take pity on you.

6. Hydrating Face Spray: Taking a long flight can do a number on your skin, but this face spray can help because it locks in moisture when paired with a face cream.

7. Foam Roller: A roller can help relieve muscle tension and soreness during and after a long flight. Focus on your legs, back, and neck to help release any tightness.

8. Fruits, Veggies, and Grains: Eating healthy on a flight requires some planning, but your body will thank you for it. Pack some carrots, sliced apples, bananas, nuts, oranges, granola, and celery sticks to munch on while you are en route.

9. Minimize Alcohol: While a drink may help you deal with the short-term discomfort of feeling like you’re packed into a sardine can, it will not do your body any favors long-term. Alcohol is dehydrating and can make it more difficult to sleep.

10. Foldable Blanket: If you’re in economy these days and they even have blankets available, you usually have to pay extra. This blanket from Rumpl is ideal because it’s easy to pack and can be used beyond the fight for camping or even the beach.

11. Mini Toothbrushes: On-the-go mini toothbrushes can keep your mouth feeling fresh and don’t require any water or rinsing.

12. Seat Exercises: Although you may get a few funny looks, doing some light exercise while you are seated can help improve your circulation and prevent cramping and blood clots. Some easy ones include ankle rotations, leg raises, calf raises, shoulder rolls, and neck stretches.

Once you land and get settled, try to adjust to the local time zone as soon as possible. Taking a bath or shower can help you rejuvenate and enable you to stay awake for a few more hours. That said, don’t feel like you need to push yourself or do anything too strenuous the first day. Just relax, sit at a café, people-watch, and soak up the culture around you. After all, you survived the flight, so you deserve it.

And to stay safe and worry-free throughout your trip, make sure to download the safetravelRX app before you depart so you can get real-time destination alerts, securely store documents, including medical information, get emergency access to health professionals immediately, and much more. For more information about how the features in the safetravelRX can keep you safe and informed while traveling in remote destinations, click here.

The safetravelRX app is available to download on your mobile at the Apple Store and Google Play.

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