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The Pros and Cons of Bleisure Travel

So, for those who have not been keeping up on portmanteau words, here is one that you should know; bleisure, which is part business travel and part leisure travel. Basically, it means more businesspeople are combining a work trip with an extended vacation.

The idea of blended travel was on the rise before the pandemic. However, with remote work becoming more commonplace, it is expected to take over traditional business travel in 2022 and beyond. 89% of people plan to add personal vacation time to their business trip this year. It seems like a positive trend for both employees and their employers. But, like everything in life, there are pros and cons.

SafetravelRX, an app that keeps you safe while you are on the road, sheds some light on the upsides and the downsides of bleisure.

The Pros

1. It saves on travel costs, both for the company and the employee. For instance, adding a few extra days to a trip may make the airfare cheaper.

2. It's much easier to squeeze time in before or after a work trip. Rather than taking a week or two off all at once, employees usually tack on a few days to a business trip. That makes it easier for the employee to get away, and the employer has their worker out of pocket for shorter chunks of time.

3. Many employers see bleisure travel as a way to keep their employees happy which also relates to job satisfaction. Happier workers mean higher productivity, less burnout, and lower turnover.

4. Extending a transatlantic trip could also give your body more time to adjust and eliminate some downsides associated with jet lag. And you will go back to work refreshed instead of feeling exhausted.

5. It's also easier on the environment if you can make one trip that satisfies both the business and relaxation side versus taking two trips to accomplish the same thing.

The Cons

1. Work and travel can become too blended, and employees may feel they still need to be available during their "vacation" days. And they don't get to enjoy the downtime thoroughly.

2. Some companies may think that bleisure could be another excuse not to work. Even though many people work remotely now, some organizations believe employees are not as productive when they aren't in an office.

3. Some people worry that it's another ploy companies could use to keep their workers glued to their job. Many employees saw free lunches as a perk until they realized they never left their desks during the day. There is a concern that this could be another version of that problem and that the business part of bleisure will overshadow the leisure one.


So, there you have it. The pros do seem to outweigh the cons, but like anything in life, the execution makes all the difference. For this to truly benefit employees and employers, boundaries must be set and respected. If both sides can make that work, then bleisure travel becomes a win-win and more than just a passing trend.

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