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Five Reasons To Travel Solo

Many people are feeling antsy and ready to get back on the road after the pandemic. But coordinating schedules, interests, and destination choices with family or friends can take some fun out of the trip. That's why many people are choosing to go it alone. A recent survey found that 76% of travelers have either traveled alone or are considering solo travel. Another study by Travelport discovered that solo travel makes up around 18% of global bookings in the travel industry. And Google searches for solo travel since April 2020 have quadrupled, with demand evident across all age groups. SafetravelRX, an app that keeps you safe while on the road, explores five reasons why traveling solo has become so popular.

1. Freedom

One of the best reasons to go solo is the luxury of exploring what you want when you want and how you want. Part of the beauty of travel is getting off the beaten path. If you are a free spirit and enjoy that sense of adventure, then going solo gives you that option.

2. Empowerment

Planning every trip in detail and dealing with language barriers and unforeseen situations can give you a sense of accomplishment. Making your own decisions can also help you be more assertive and decisive.

3. Social Interaction

When traveling alone, it can be much easier to meet people than when traveling with a significant other or a friend. You are much more approachable and usually more amenable to conversing with a local or fellow solo traveler. Just be careful and stay safe. Here are some best practices, especially for women traveling alone.

4. "Me" Time

Traveling alone is a great way to take a step back and reflect on your life. Whether you are contemplating a new career, relocating, or simply taking stock of your life, this time alone will allow you to think about your future.

5. Greater Awareness

Not only does traveling alone give you an opportunity for self-reflection, but it also enables you to gain a greater understanding of the places that you visit. When you are solo, you are more inclined to speak to locals and fully immerse yourself in a new culture providing a richer experience.


Traveling by yourself is not for everyone, but it offers many significant benefits. However, if you're not quite ready to take the plunge entirely and are interested in traveling solo (but not alone), find an advisor specializing in organizing trips for independent travelers.

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